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Commercial Floor Coating - MN

Certified installers of epoxy and polyurea commercial floor coatings in the Twin Cities.


Commercial Floor Coating Options

Solid Color Commercial Floor

solid color commercial floor coating
Solid color commercial floor coatings have the option to be quartz filled or non-quartz filled. There are added benefits to a quartz filled floor that may be of interest to businesses.

Decorative Flake Commercial Floor

Decorative flakes come in many sizes but the most common size for commercial floors is 1/4″. 1/16″ flakes are also available for those companies looking for a more subtle look to their floor.

Colored Quartz Commercial Floor

decorative colored quartz commercial floor coating
The strongest and most durable commercial floor coating is the double broadcast decorative colored quartz.

BAC Has Your Commercial Concrete Coating Solution!

metallic epoxy bathroom floor commercial concrete coating

A bar owner asked us to install a metallic epoxy floor coating in several bathrooms and their entryway.

The requirements for commercial floor coating are diverse. Whether you have an old shop you are converting to a showroom or a reception area that needs a fresh new look – we have the skills and experience to be confidentially tackle your unique flooring needs.

polyurea commercial floor coating
Clean room commercial concrete coating

The plant manager at this facility needed a non-slip and easy to clean solution for their clean room. Also, his budget was tight. We re-coated over the old floor with a couple coats of 85% solids epoxy.

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