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Exterior Concrete can be Coated?

YES! Since we use Penntek Surface Coatings polyurea and polyaspartic coatings your dreams have come try. That dingy, dirty and cracked patio can entertain parties again!

Colored Quartz Coating

This patio was on a new construction home and the homeowners wanted something more than simple concrete. They also wanted a surface that was easy to clean and wouldn’t stain if it was spilled upon. A colored quartz system was the best fit for them.

Small Flake Coating

Snow, ice and salt ruin so much here in Minnesota. We used Penntek’s Mender Fornula to repair these old stairs and than covered it with a 1/16″ decorative flake. To ensure is was color safe we used UV stable polyurea and polyaspartic.

Kind of exterior

This was something a bit different. A washroom at an RV park. Exterior and unheated but covered. Also, it was a washroom so the floor will always be wet. The park owner chose a small flake along with additional non-slip in the topcoat.

Benefits of Polyurea as an Exterior Concrete Coating:

Each of our polyurea floor coatings out perform epoxy/hybrid floor coatings in these areas:

  • UV Stability: Polyurea is UV stable and epoxy/hybrid coatings turn yellow/green when exposed to UV rays.
  • Abrasion Resistant: Polyurea coatings are 4X more abrasion resistant than epoxy/hybrid coatings. The flexibility, elongation and chemical make-up of polyurea give it these strong abrasion resistant qualities.
  • Adhesion: Polyurea’s tenacity to stick to concrete is 2X stronger than the standard epoxy/hybrid coating.
  • Flexibility: With 98% MORE flexibility than epoxy/hybrid coatings. Especially important in the Midwest with our cold to warm transitions that occur with Season changes.
  • Return to Service: Our polyurea floors can be walked on in 6 hours after completion! Compare that to several days for an epoxy/hybrid system.

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